Bahira Town - Karachi

Karachi, which is currently the capital city of sindh, was the first capital of Pakistan until 1959 and it is world renowned as the birth place of Quaid-I-Azam and Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who founded Pakistan. Karachi stays on par with one of the most industrialized cities of the world, which boasts massive business and Commercial Centres, Hi Rise buildings and beautiful beaches.

That’s where Bahria Town Karachi developments bring back the legacy of the Karachi city along with all its cultural and historical ethnicity. The Blue print of this project revolutionizes the thought process of bringing the most advanced lifestyle to Karachi whilst preserving its traditional touch. Bahria town firmly believes in brining the best of real estate development to the country and they have delivered it yet again with the establishment of Bahria town Karachi.

Our Team

Our team members come as our most valuable asset to our organization and they are the ones who have made us achieve everything in the process ever since our establishment. We firmly believe in the fact that an organization, machinery, a business landscape along with the most advanced technology goes clueless until there’s a passionate manpower in place to transform that overall dream into a reality. Our Founder and Chairman Malik riaz hussain believes that “We shall grow as a company through the growth of our people” and this is something which is driving us since many years in regards to our Company policies for employee development and caring.


Our mission

We have thrived and excelled under the leadership of our chairman and founder Malik riaz hussain and CEO Ali ahmed riaz over the past many years of our establishment. Our mission solely aims at revolutionizing the knowledge economy of the country whilst stimulating the overall academic sector with the help of tentative collaborations, Innovative Research and most advanced Education system. We have further indulged ourselves in generating knowledge based expertise in various domains across all the local and global communities.

Our Vision

Bahria Town Karachi developments has established itself as a common ground where the rich culture & architectural history of Pakistan gets merged along with the most advanced communities in the direction of building a developed Pakistan in the future. This is where Bahria town has kept the vision of a progressive residential lifestyle along with its most effective traditional touch going since past many years. Our big list of residential and commercial projects includes Farm houses, traditional bungalow type large land formats, economy housing and luxury lifestyle and we have out our hardcore efforts and time whilst making it a more adaptable and diverse community altogether. You would simply feel comfortable with all the state of the art Health facilities and entertainment with various commercial and business opportunities alongside .All of these achievements and landmarks have enabled Bahria Town Karachi as one of the most progressive and developmental projects across the globe.

Malik Riaz Hussain has really put forward an example for all the Pakistani people to come ahead and bring on their participation to implement socially responsible and sustainable programs in order to minimize the existing socio-economic disparity in the country. His big vision of bringing mutual happiness and prosperity to the lives and hearts of millions of people has raised a big hope for the betterment of the future Pakistan.

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Ali Riaz Malik has made his mark recently amongst the most impactful entrepreneurs in the Pakistan and while he is currently serving as the CEO of the Bahria town, he has brought them to a bigger and greater horizons with all the hardcore efforts and dedication. Although he is a son to the most sought after real estate developer and billionaire Malik Riaz hussain, he has brought on most of the developmental activities simply on the basis of his own business knowledge and acumen.

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Projects of Bahria Town Karachi